Welcome to An Archaeologist's Diary

A real archaeologist has very little in common with Indiana Jones, except maybe the hat. While archaeologists appear to have an exciting job and to lead a rather adventurous lifestyle, rest assured that this is not always the case! The life of an archeologist can be tough... and occasionally boring.

In my spare time, I have created this website to share with you precious (and often hilarious) moments of my life as an archaeologist (specialised in ancient Egypt and Nubia). Also, because I travel around the globe a fair bit, I decided to share my photographs with those who hope to live vicariously through me. Welcome to my life.

This website helps answer myriad questions about what it's like to be an archaeologist. Comments and questions are welcome, but make sure you have browsed the site for an answer before you e-mail your query. Please note that because of my rather nomadic lifestyle, I do not answer homework questions.

Caroline M. Rocheleau, PhD

News and Updates

There are new posts on both La Vida Aegyptiaca and ARCHÉOblogue. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!

Updated on 24 December 2013